Pete ‘n’ Repeat: $34

The Thrifting Bug is like the “kissing” bugs which spread Chagas disease by pooping it into your mouth. But Rissy, you say, when I go thrifting, nobody poops in my mouth. Well, maybe not where you shop, gentle reader (don’t judge me!), however, when the Thrifting Bug bites, it infects you with a subtle poison that burns in your blood long after the initial fever. The sequelae strike without warning, and can plague you for a lifetime. All this is my way of saying that the day after my Goodwill score, I went thrifting again.

Two things: firstly, I’m not seriously trying to compare the torments of thrift-love to Chagas disease (which I am extremely paranoid about) but I will say that the thrill of victory from Saturday would not leave me be. I couldn’t stop thinking about thrifting. It burned, man. After googling KC area Goodwills and Ye Olde Consignment Shoppes, I knew nothing would slake my lust for recycled fashion except the thing itself. Second: WHY AREN’T MORE THRIFT STORES OPEN ON SUNDAYS ARGLEBARGLEARGL.

It seems that many of the more “upscale” thrift boutiques in KC don’t have functioning websites to tell me their hours of operation (lolwhat) so I set out on Sunday afternoon to do some drive-bys. I went by Thriftique (closed on Sundays! Boo!), a supposed Goodwill on Quivira that is either trapped in another dimension or has moved without updating its website, and finally, Pete’n’Repeat, which was supposedly open on the Lord’s Day. And yet, when I spotted the signage in a strip mall on State Line, the parking lot was suspiciously empty. Perhaps all of their customer base was at church, I told myself. And was promptly greeted with a sign saying “We’ve moved TROLOLOLOLOL.” Well, maybe not the last part. Oddly enough, rather than deter me, this only fueled my desire to find the damn place. I would not be balked! I drove around downtown Overland Park for a while until I found their new location.

“Are you here for the interview?” asked a kindly-looking dude as I walked in.
“Uh, no,” I replied, and 5 minutes later, when the teenaged interviewee did show up, I took it as a compliment, since I’m slowly decaying into my 30s.

I have no idea what Pete’n’Repeat’s original store was like (though the owner mentioned their new digs were considerably larger) but the current location is everything the Yelp reviews promised. I found their organizational system confusing at first, but their clothing is good-quality stuff and I enjoyed browsing. They were having a tag sale: certain items were either 50 or 25 percent off the store’s price based on the color of tags attached. It was in the “After Hours” section (one of the “good stuff” collections you can sometimes find in thrift stores) that I found the following:

Betsey Johnson dress ($22 w/ tag sale): retailed for God only knows how much. Closest match I could find on Ebay was listed for $129. Betsey Johnson clothes always intimidated me- the brand looked like something a vintage-obsessed drag queen would wear out for a night of kicking ass and granting wishes. This dress, however, is classy, sexy, and retro-but-not-costumey. Perfect.


In the regular rank-and-file (but still good) clothes area, I found:

Angie skirt ($11 with tag sale): based on websites that sell this brand, retailed for somewhere between $30-40. “The Angie clothing brand is known for its trend-setting boho looks with a sweet edge,” quoth This is cute and kind of steampunk-y, and I love the color. Skirts like this aren’t flattering on most people, but one of the few benefits being unnaturally long-limbed is that I can rock a midi-length skirt.



Both of these finds were way pricier than what I’d normally pay for used clothing, but the quality and the brand names, especially for the Betsey Johnson piece, made for absolutely no buyer’s remorse.

Final Verdict for Pete’n’Repeat: friendly staff, great selection of good quality clothing including designer/vintage, so-so organization, decent prices made better by an awesome sale- an A. Or “green” on the awesome map that Missy created.


  1. Missy says:

    The Goodwill that used to be on Nieman is now on the south side of SMP at Goddard.

  2. Rissy says:

    Aha. We should check it out sometime.

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